Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sometimes I Stand Up and Talk!

The summer has been long and full around here. I didn't teach any classes and counseling slows down a bit in the summer, so I've had plenty of time to visit with friends and family and continue in my quest to rid our house of 1983-ness. I know July isn't quite over yet, but all the teachers in my life are getting ready to head back to work and to me that means the Fall is almost here. I will be busy again soon, but there is always something exciting about the start of a new season.

Something that keeps me quite busy during the school year is speaking at different events. It truly is a huge honor when a group asks me to come, and I absolutely love getting the chance to meet new people and share things that I've learned. Though I particularly enjoy speaking at women's ministry events, I've also had the chance to speak at several community and student events and I've really enjoyed those as well.  You can click herehere, and here to read about a couple of the events I did this spring.  You can click here to read about some of the topics that I've spoken about often, and I also enjoy speaking on more traditional Bible study topics.

I've got some exciting events planned for this fall, and I would be so honored to add your event to my calendar.  Feel free to share this information and contact me with any questions!


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