Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Festive Weekend and Some Links

This past weekend a few of my friends and I took a trip to Birmingham together.  We don't get to spend nearly as much time together as we used to and we really just needed to get away.  Though I will admit Birmingham is not the most exotic of locations, it is close to home and it has delicious food, which is how it ended up as our destination.  While gone we covered a lot of important topics, including but not limited to: our opinions on various types of melons, our cholesterol, and male pattern balding.  I can't say for sure what we will be discussing in 40 years, as we seem to be covering some of those pressing topics in advance.  We did a ton of laughing, a ton of eating, and solved a lot of problems.

Perhaps the highlight of the weekend came when we ran into BooMama at Chuy's on Sunday.  Sophie Hudson (BooMama) is the author of the BooMama blog and she has a special place in my heart because her's is the first blog that I ever read.  I read it each morning at a long ago job and found a reason to laugh when I was not laughing at much else during the work day.  She has written a couple of books now and we were THRILLED to run into her.  So thrilled in fact that I'm nervous we alarmed her, or at least majorly creeped her out.  But she was so nice and even took a picture with us.

I'm pretty sure that conditions weren't perfect for any of us to get away.  Some of us have babies, some live hours away, all of us have plenty going on at home and work to keep us exhausted, and the month after Christmas is not the ideal time for anyone to be spending extra money.  But sometimes spending time with your people overrides all of those things, and it did this time.  Sometimes we need to laugh more than we need anything else.

And that's what I've been up to.  Work is getting busier for me so I haven't had as much time in recent days to knock any more holes in my walls or meditate on being called thick, but I did want to share a few things that I've enjoyed lately:

Have you read my sister's blog? She's the best writer I know and is in New York taking cover from winter storm Juno at this very moment!

Because too tight pants are my worst nightmare.  WORST.

I am very serious about my annual skin check, so I could relate to this riveting story about a trip to the dermatologist's office.

Have you gotten BooMama's new book yet? I haven't but I can't wait! I may wait to pick it up when I see her next week at her book signing in Jackson, where I am sure to further creep her out with my presence.

Can this be real life? We can only hope.

Have a good week and make sure to take time to do some laughing of your own.


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